Zebian Aluminium and Glass Industries LLC is committed and dedicated to all aspects of Quality where the objective is optimum customer satisfaction. We believe our product range offers major advantages to our customers due to the range of the service provided.

“Design, fabrication and installation of glass and aluminium products”

Furthermore, in order to maintain our prominent position within the service sector, product quality can only be considered as one aspect of our commitment. We have developed a comprehensive Business Strategy, which requires the following:

All employees are expected to help the company attain high quality standards. It is a company policy to:

  1. Thorough search for the best and most consistent suppliers
  2. Qualified and highly motivated staff in whom we invest time and effort to widen their knowledge and effectiveness.
  3. Investment in the best available technology and facilities
  4. Rigorous Quality Control and Inspection at all stages in our process
  5. Adherence to safety regulations

Zebian Aluminium and Glass Industries LLC shall provide unconditional support to all our current and future customers allowing them to capitalize on the advantages of our product range.

Zebian Aluminium and Glass Industries LLC will not compromise on any aspect of quality and are committed to providing excellent standards of service to ensure customer satisfaction levels are relentlessly enhanced.


It is the policy of Zebian Aluminium and Glass Industries LLC to inform, to instruct, to train, to supervise employees and ensure their safety and welfare when performing construction works.

It is also our principle to strictly adhere with UAE and relevant international occupational health and safety regulatory requirements and statutory in regards to the construction of aluminium and glazing works.

Zebian is also aiming for the continuous improvement of the company’s safety management system through habitual review of the staff’s safety objectives. And in order to successfully achieve this aim, we must strive for excellence in view of the safety, quality and productivity.

In connection, all employees are expected to provide necessary leadership to accomplish these goals and to ensure that we continually seek ways to improve our risk control strategies.

Zebian staff are expected to conduct themselves responsibility, dutifully abiding standard rules and procedures and performing their jobs in a manner that we have jointly established as a right and safety method.